Preston Station - Past & Present
Station Tour - The North-End
pic3This view at the north end of the station includes the line which passed under the Butler St entrance and into the East Lancs station. The tunnel entrance remains, but it goes nowhere due to the building of a car park at the side of the station in the 1990s. Just visible over the parapet is the Black Cat Cafe.

(c) H C Casserley 24th June 1966.


pic4Parts of the network still retain the semaphore signalling which has served the railway for hundreds of years, but sadly it is long-gone at Preston. The 1970s saw the introduction of the Preston "power box" which swept away semaphore signalling and the numerous signalboxes which were dotted around the area. A little later, electrification brought overhead catenary which further changed the look of the station. The consequence of all this change is that photographs from the late 60s and before show a very different picture to the one we see today.

This is Preston North signal gantry as it was on 20th September 1967.
(c) Stan Withers.

pic5Taken from the foot-bridge,  a Stanier class 5 4-6-0 No. 44800 takes a cement train through the station and under the Fishergate bridge on 22nd September 1967.
(c) Stan Withers .

pic147 840 "North Star" sits in the bay at the northern end of the western half of the station. There is a photo of this locomotive in an earlier guise, in the 1980s, on the  Platform 5-7 page.

In the background, one of a pair of Mk2 coaches  sits in the truncated northern part of the old platform 1, which has been closed to passengers for years.