Preston Station - Past & Present
Station Tour - Old Platforms 1 & 2
pic6These should perhaps be referred to as the new platforms 1 and 2...

In 1903, improvements were made, which included the addition of 2 new platforms on the western side of the station. The new platforms were numbered 1 & 2, resulting in the other platforms being numbered two higher than previously. Hence, the platforms which were 1 & 2 became 3 & 4, the old 3 & 4 became 5 & 6...and so on. The East Lancs platforms continuing the numerical sequence from 10 up.

This remained the case until the station was rationalised in the late 60s, at which point the "new" platforms were closed to passengers and the numbering scheme reverted. 

The new platforms were used mainly for trains between Manchester and the Fylde, which was at its peak. Even with the new capacity, Preston was sorely stretched at the busiest periods such as the "wakes" weeks as workers from many industrial towns flocked to the cost.

Stanier class 5 4-6-0 No.44713 backs onto a train in platform 1, having passed beneath Fishergate. 22-9-67
(c) Stan Withers


Brush Type 4 47543 to the south of the old  Platform 1. At this time, the platform would have been used for parcels.
(c) Neil Dimmer (1984)

For many years after closure to the public, the platforms were used to handle the large numbers of parcels arriving in the town by rail. In the 1990s, the platform was used by Rail Express Systems (which became part of EWS), but now lie unused.

Taken from almost exactly the same spot and angle as the photo above, this shot shows the changes that have taken place in a few short years. Here, the old Goods Shed still stands, yet to be demolished to make way for a modern Royal Mail distribution warehouse.

(c) Frank Boyle - late 1970s

pic1Today, the line which ran through platform 1, is broken, providing direct access to the station buildings from Christian Road. The two sidings which were once the through-line are now used to house semi derelict coaches to the north and stabled locomotives and multiple units to the south.

Class 47847 sits in one of the truncated lines behind the South side of the old Platform 1
19th Sept 2004-09-04

40092 stands with a parcels train at the former platform 2 in the late 70s
Photo by Frank Boyle. 
Although the old platform 1 & 2 are no longer used for passengers or mail trains, the buildings are still in use as offices. pic2
Virgin "Thunderbird" locomotive 57311 sits in the southern ttruncated  section of the old Platform 1.