Preston Station - Past & Present
Station Tour - Platforms 1 & 2
(formerly 3 & 4)
The current Platform 1 & 2, up to the early 1970s, were numbered 3 & 4, with the now disused platforms to the west numbered 1 & 2. Following the restructuring of the station, which coincided with the introduction of Preston "Power Box" in 1972, the western-most platforms were closed to passengers and were used solely for mail and parcels. The current platform 1 & 2 continued to be used mainly for suburban trains to and from Blackpool and Cumbria, which remains the case today.
40079 stands at Platform 2 on a damp evening in the late 70s.

(c) Bill Watson

Black 5 no. 45025 stands with the Belfast boat train in the summer of 1968 
(c) Bill Watson

This photograph is from 1978 and shows a class 104 DMU. In this period, classes 101, 104, 105 and 108 were the mainstay of Manchester - Blackpool services.

Photo (c) Alan Robinson

Royal Scot no 46142 "The York & Lancaster Regiment" arrives at Preston with a Crewe - Carlisle service. The photo dates from 1958 or 59 - note the popularity of hats in this photo! 
Photo by Stan Withers

This shot appears to be platform 3 ( the current platform 1), with the now disused platforms to the right. The footbridge places it at the north of the station and the wooden cabin still stands under the footbridge steps on between platforms 1 & 2.Today, the footbridge ends at platform 1, but is seen here continuing to the old platform 1 and 2 which closed to passengers in the late 60s.

There are currently three vaults of the station canopy, covering platforms 7 & 6, 5 & 4 and 3 & 2. Some books refer to there having been an over-all roof covering platform 1 and the original platform 2, which would seem to be the case here, although the position of the support columns is confusing (to me at least). 40684 is pictured on a Liverpool-Glasgow train on 10.10.59. Trains from Liverpool all terminate at Preston these days.

(c) The Transport Treasury (by permission)

The English Electric type 4 diesel electrics - later class 40 - were a common sight at Preston for many years until their decline in the mid 1980s. They were a mixed traffic loco which saw use on a variety of freight turns, and even in their twilight years, could be found at the head of a passenger train to or from Blackpool. The familiar whistle from the turbochargers of these machines was instantly recognisable.

(c)Frank Boyle - late 1970s