Preston Station - Past & Present
Station Tour - Platform 6 & 7
(formerly 8 & 9)
Platforms 6 and 7 (originally numbered 8 & 9) are the last remaining parts of the old East Lancashire portion of the station. Today, the lines from the south end curve westwards to join the West Coast Main Line, but this only became the case when the East Lancs portion of the station was closed in 1972. Before that date,  the lines curved sharply to the east to join the East Lancs line which had its own crossing over the Ribble. Clues to this still exist on the south end of platform 7, which curves away from the line. These two platforms were the only two on the East Lancs which were under the main station roof. The other platforms were sheltered using individual cantilevered canopies.
Stanier class 5 4-6-0 no 44800 cement train Preston 22-9-67.

(c) Bill Watson

'Up line No 9 platform', Preston station, Lancashire, 1964.

Photograph taken during the British Transport Films production 'Route Learning For Footplate Staff - Preston Junction', made in 1964.

Picture Reference: 10439002
Courtesy of the National Railway Museom

In this picture (right), the other East Lancs platforms were to the left, in the area now occupied by the station car parks and that of the Fishergate Shopping Centre.