Preston Station - Past & Present

The less-direct of the two routes to Southport involved trains taking the Preston - Liverpool line as far as Burscough, then the Wigan - Southport line, by means of an east-west chord at the crossing-point of the two. Sadly, although both lines are still very much in use, the connecting curve at Burscough, was closed in the 1960s.

There is currently talk of restoring one or more of the curves at Burscough, allowing Preston-Southport trains to resume after a 40 year absence. Plans currently being put forward by a pressure group called SWOPlink would ultimately see the Merseyrail electrification extended to Preston, and one of the curves at Burscough reinstated. Under the scheme, the direct east-to-west link would remain closed, but trains could travel from Preston to Southport by means of a reversal at Burscough.