Preston Station - Past & Present

Back Lane is one of the parts of the former WLR that has been obliterated by road and housing "developments". Like the site of Penwortham Cop Lane station, Back Lane is now a memory, lost under the Penwortham Bypass.

p1Back Lane Level Crossing, as its name so clearly implies, is situated on a very minor road located a few hundred yards to the south of Penwortham [Cop Lane] Station - which can just be discerned in the background. Home signals protect the crossing only and these are controlled by a small lever-frame located in the crossing keeper's hut. The gates are operated by hand. 
28th August 1964

p2Looking in the opposite direction at Back Lane Crossing, this time southwards towards Lindle lane Crossing (another minor road crossing but a few hundred yards distant and also similarly gated and manned). This photo was taken on 28th August 1964, immediately following the one listed above (P550). After an initial gallop away from New Longton & Hutton with the 14-10 Southport - Preston and perhaps as a consequence of a bout of over-enthusiastic firing, the safety-valves of Lostock Hall's BR Standard 2MT 2-6-0 No. 78041 start to lift, as the regulator is shut for the downgrade roll to a halt at Cop Lane station, about a ΒΌ mile ahead. 
28th August 1964

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