Preston Station Gallery

Photos from 2000 to the present day

The two locos after arrival back to a damp and dark Preston. A rare chance to see two steam charters sided-by side...227 viewsphoto : Adrian Bradshaw 26-08-2009
45231 shortly after arrival with The Welsh Mountaineer.203 viewsphoto : Rob Maynard - 26-08-2009
60009 Union of South Africa pauses for a drink on Preston's platform 7 en-route from Thornton to Crewe.209 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw 24/08/2009
1P05 - the Fridays-only relief from London Euston stands pn platform 5. 262 viewsThis was the first time that the newly refurbished Mk3 set was used on this service, now sporting Pendolino-style Virgin livery. 90020 was in charge on this occasion.

Photo : Martin Brown 14/08/2009
5690 Leander was in charge of the third Fellsman trip of the season.208 viewsPictured here, flanked by examples of modern diesel and electric traction, the Jubilee is making ready to head back to Carnforth after a slightly shortened pause at Preston.

Photo : Adrian Bradshaw 12/08/2009
...then takes water on platform 7213 viewsphoto : Adrian Bradshaw - 05-08-2009
Black 5 45231 eventually arrives on platform 6217 viewsphoto : Adrian Bradshaw - 05-08-2009
46113 Scots Guardsman stands on platform 5 after another faultless performance on the second sell-out Fellsman trip.198 viewsHopes to see 45231 in the station alongside the Scot were dashed when the Black 5 failed to turn up before the Fellsman departed northwards. Eventually, RTC's Welsh Mountaineer arrived an hour late, in the gathering gloom, just 5 minutes after the other tour had gone.

Photo : Adrian Bradshaw 05/08/2009
Scots Guardsman pulls into Platdorm 5 bang on time213 viewsphoto : Adrian Bradshaw - 05-08-2009
Scots Guardsman pulls into Platdorm 5 bang on time207 viewsphoto : Adrian Bradshaw - 05-08-2009
46113 Scots Guardsman arrives from the north.201 viewsphoto : Phil Tyrer - 05-08-2009
Heading south out of the station198 viewsphoto : Phil Tyrer - 05-08-2009
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