Preston Station Gallery

Photos from 2000 to the present day

46115 Scots Guardsman again heads-up the Fellsman as it waits at platform 1 to head north on the return leg.331 viewsPhoto : Bernadette Newsham 08-Jul-2015
47760 brings up the rear of the Fellsman, with 46115 Scots Guardsman leading.318 viewsPhoto : Bernadette Newsham 01-Jul-2015
46115 Scots Guardsman heads under Fishergate Bridge on the last leg of the Fellsman307 viewsPhoto : Ian Scott 15-Jul-2015
The footplate crew of 46115 Scots Guardsman take a short rest at Preston, before the final leg home.329 viewsPhoto : Ian Scott 15-Jul-2015
46115 Scots Guardsman pulls into Preston with the return leg of the Fellsman312 viewsPhoto : Ian Scott 15-Jul-2015
46115 heads up this week's Fellsman252 viewsPhoto : Bernadette Newsham 29-Jul-2015
Black 5 no 45231 in charge of the Fellsman284 viewsPhoto : Bernadette Newsham 22-Jul-2015
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