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Sadly 37406, the trailing loco of the pairing on Pathfinder's West Highlander, seems to have disgraced itself, resulting in a 66 having to take the tour north over Beattock. 206 views37670 seems to have done all the work over Shap, and may return with 37401.

Photo : Mike Thomas 10/4/2009
Nov 22, 2010
After an extended stay in platform 7, 37375 was finally rescued by Cotswold 47810, which travelled from Doncaster261 viewsThe unusual pair are seen here at Farington Junction.

Photo : Mark Bartlett 27/2/2009
Nov 22, 2010
Advenza "Duff" 47375 failed on its scrap train south of Lancaster yesterday and was dragged into Preston by 57303, where it remained overnight. 203 viewsIt is reportedly to be taken south by 57006 later today.

Photo : Mike Thomas 25/2/2009
Nov 22, 2010
90018 stands at the north end of P6 after hauling the first regular loco-hauled service into Preston for a few years More Here206 viewsPhoto : ASB 20/2/2009Nov 22, 2010
90024 in "Barbie" livery stands at the West side of the station...230 views ...waiting to take over the Westmoreland and Cumbrian Coast tour which was hauled from Carlisle to Preston via Barrow.
Photo : Rob Maynard 18/2/2009
Nov 22, 2010
60026 was pressed into serviice for Pathfinder's Hills of the North Winter Wonderland tour. 258 viewsThe loco was apparently substituted following the failure of the booked class-mate. Still wearing its early EWS livery (from before they dropped the "&"), it waits off the end of Platform 6 while the passengers have a leg-stretch...

Photo : ASB 31/1/2009
Nov 22, 2010
With the WCML to the north closed - at least to passenger trains due to flooding, a rather late, 66425 heads through Platform 4 with 4S43 (which normally uses 3 or even by-passes the platforms near the Res side). 276 viewsIt stopped with the loco at the north end for a crew change.

Photo : Mike Thomas 12/1/2009
Nov 22, 2010
47270 stands at Platform 7, awaiting a path south. Booked away from Preston at 17.02, it ran more than an hour early.239 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw 20-11-2009Nov 22, 2010
40145 stands at the head of the "East Lancs Ambasador" as 67006 is attached at the rear.315 viewsPhoto : Mike Birtles 3/1/2009
Nov 22, 2010
Tornado slows for a caution signal at Leyland.410 viewsSteve Boreham 20-11-2010Nov 21, 2010
60163 Tornado leaves Preston around 30mins late with Statesman's Christmas Coronation tour.358 views(c) Phil Tyrer 20-11-2010Nov 20, 2010
60163 Tornado pulls off its stock before taking coal and water in Corporation Sidings348 views(c) Phil Tyrer 20-11-2010Nov 20, 2010
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