Preston Station News
February 25th, 2019
Trampower Latest
Trampower Ltd, the company behind the proposed Guild Line utilising part of the old Deepdale / Longridge branch, have issued the following :

Transport Minister Jesse Norman MP issues invitation to Trampower to provide evidence about tramway costs and effectiveness. Trampower is also proud to be part of the Preston GUILD Line roject, that was one of two schemes cited by the Minister (p.12 para 3.7) as examples of sustainable ways forward. The Preston GUILD Line ( will be 4 miles long and carry initially about 2million passengers a year. “The £25million investment will create about 40 skilled and well paid jobs to operate and maintain the tramway” said Prof. Lewis Lesley Chairman of the Preston Tram Team. “We expect that the 6 trams needed will be built in Lancashire using local companies and suppliers, and start a production line needed to supply other new tramways in Britain and possibly abroad” continued the Prof.

September 17th, 2018
Lostock Hall MPD Website
As hinted a few weeks ago, in memory of it's creator, the late Alan Castle, the Lostock Hall MPD website is now back on-line!

It now forms part of the Preston Station website, so has a different address to the one it previously had.


August 28th, 2018
Station Tours...
As part of the nation-wide English Heritage Open Days programme, there will be a series of guided tours of Preston Station. These tours are now in their third year and not normally open to the general public. This year, there will be four tour-guides; two current railwaymen and one former employee at the station from the 1960s, are joined by a local poet to add some extra colour to proceedings.
Tours are on Sat/Sun 8th & 9th September, beginning @ 11.00, 13:00 & 15:00 hrs on both days. Meet Station Frontage.
More information at :

August 28th, 2018
Lostock Hall Reunion - LEP Article
The recent Lostock Hall reunion event, to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of steam, was covered by the LEP. You can read the full article here :
LEP Coverage of the 10D reunion "do".

August 1st, 2018
50th Anniversary Reminder
Don't forget...
There will be a reunion of railwaymen at the Leyland and Farington club in Leyland on Friday evening August 3rd this year, starting at 19.00 hrs. Admission free. Buffet and raffle etc.

All to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of steam traction on B.R.

For more information or to order tickets contact Bob Gregson :
Tel : 01524 736727
Mob : 07518 926122
email :