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60103 ‘Flying Scotsman’ is piloted by 66063 on a movement from Carnforth to Toton Depot. The short convoy is seen approaching Lightfoot Lane bridge.90 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 28-Dec-2018Dec 29, 2018
SANTA SPECIAL (1Z48) approaching Lostock Hall Station with 8f 48151 hauling the Blackburn to Carnforth leg.111 views13 coaches and a class 47 diesel 47 760 assisting.
Photo: Kenneth Dickinson 16-Dec-2018
Dec 16, 2018
70000 BRITANNIA passes Gregson Lane on 1Z70 from Crewe to Burnley Manchester Road.121 viewsPhoto : Peter Parnell 08-Dec-2018Dec 11, 2018
70000 BRITANNIA passes Bamber Bridge on 1Z70 from Crewe to Burnley Manchester Road.122 viewsPhoto : Kenneth Dickinson 08-Dec-2018Dec 10, 2018
Pendolino 390049 passing Kirkham with the 1035hrs Euston to Blackpool North service.119 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 03-Nov-2018Nov 04, 2018
67005 “Queen’s Messenger” brings up the rear of an electric hauled ‘Illuminations Special’ as it passes through Kirkham. The diesel was used to assist run round at Blackpool North before the return journey.142 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 03-Nov-2018Nov 04, 2018
90029 passing Kirkham & Wesham with an “Illuminations Special” from Euston to Blackpool North on 3rd November 2018. This was only the second electric loco hauled service on the line, and the first to run in daylight.142 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 03-Nov-2018Nov 04, 2018
The previously early-running northbound 331102, after being held to bring it back on path.60 viewsPhoto : Tony Woof 23-Oct-2018Nov 04, 2018

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Random files - 2018
The new footbridge at Kirkham is now available for passengers to access Platform 3 but the lifts have not yet been installed. 371 viewsA Blackpool South service can be seen through the arch.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 30-Jan-2018
37401 "Isle of Mull" waits in Platform 5 at Preston.278 viewsIt seems that Class 68s will not take over the Cumbrian Coast services. However, from May 2018, the loco hauled services will be confined to the Carlisle - Barrow section and the M-F trip to Lancaster and Preston will cease.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 20-Feb-2018
A pair of class 90s, 90024 & 90036 on (481H) Mossend Euroterminal to Daventry Int. Rft. Recep. Rfd.265 viewsPhoto : Kenneth Dickinson 21-Feb-2018
The first of the new signals at Blackpool North have been installed. This is the new Pendolino platform.228 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 23-Feb-2018
45690 LEANDER and 45407, running as 45157 THE GLASGOW HIGHLANDER, (5Z66) from Bury East Lancs Railway to Carnforth. 413 viewsWith an unusual coupling, engine 2 support coaches engine.
Photo : Kenneth Dickinson 12-Mar-2018
68017 HORNET and 68018 VIGILANT waiting in platform 2 for departure on the 10.03am to Barrow-in-Furness (2C47). 307 viewsPhoto : Ken Dickinson 16-Mar-2018
35018 BRITISH INDIA LINE at the head of the Great Britain XI tour (1Z80), with WCRC's 37668 on the rear. 161 views35018 is to be taken off at Crewe and Black Five 45212 will take the train onto Cardiff.
Photo : Kenneth Dickinson 25-Apr-2018
An immaculate rail blue Brush Type 4, 1733 (47853) accompanied D213 “Andania” throughout both legs of the Class 40s first public train since returning to the main line. Seen here passing Woodacre heading for Crewe.218 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 27-Aug-2018