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With ‘Glasgow Central’ on the destination blind 314207 looks back to Scotland as it makes its way through Woodacre to a South Wales scrapyard.52 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 22-Aug-2019Aug 22, 2019
Another Class 314 makes its way from Yoker to Newport Docks for scrapping. 69 views314207 is towed through Woodacre by 37884 on the way to Crewe with the second half of its last journey scheduled for the following day.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 22-Aug-2019
Aug 22, 2019
8F 48151 and black Jubilee 45690 LEANDER head 5Z64 from Carnforth Steamtown to Chester with empty coaching stock86 views, approaching Bee Lane bridge, in readiness for Saturday's steam run from Chester.
Photo : Kenneth Dickinson - 02-Aug-2019
Aug 02, 2019
90019 hauls class 325 units heading north at Garstang as the light fades.51 viewsDuring the Acton Grange remodelling the Shieldmuir to Willesden mail trains have been running via the Chat Moss line. The Class 325 EPUs are not allowed to use this route under their own power and have been loco hauled. 90018 and 90019 have shared the honours each day.
Photo Mark Bartlett 26-Jul-2019
Jul 28, 2019
(1Z24) THE CUMBRIAN MOUNTAIN EXPRESS with 6201 PRINCESS ELIZABETH approaching Bamber Bridge Station at 8.22am running 9 minutes early.66 viewsPhoto : Kenneth Dickinson 20-Jul-2019Jul 20, 2019
(1Z27) NORTHERN BELLE LUNCH with 60103 FLYING SCOTSMAN passing through Lostock Hall Station at 11.37am running 16 minutes late.76 viewsPhoto : Kenneth Dickinson 20-Jul-2019Jul 20, 2019
37685, 45690 and 46201 ran from Carnforth to Crewe with a rake of ECS on Friday 19th July 2019, ahead of a blockade of Warrington Bank Quay that was scheduled to start the following day. 77 viewsThe three locos and train are seen passing the footbridge at Woodacre.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 19-Jul-2019

Jul 20, 2019
A Polmadie to Wembley ECS movement of Caledonian Sleeper stock by 92010 provided an unusual daylight photographic opportunity at Woodacre.77 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 30-Jun-2019Jun 30, 2019

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Random files - 2019
50049 painted on this side as 50011 Centurion and 50007 painted as 50006 Neptune stands in platform 6 at Preston with the return leg of Pathfinder Tours "The Waverley Re-Union" 1Z30 17:46 Edinburgh - Birmingham New St123 viewsPhoto Tony Woof 05-Jan-2019
56090 and 56087 about to cross Strand Road with Preston Lanfina to Lindsey empty bitumen train103 viewsPhoto : Mervyn Williams 09-Jan-2019.
New TPE EMU 397001 passing Woodacre working from Longsight to Carlisle (via Crewe) on a test run.62 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 27-Feb-2019
(1Z57) THE CITADEL with a pair of black fives, 44871, leading with 45407 approaching Bamber Bridge at 8.44am. From Manchester Victoria to Carlisle.112 viewsPhoto : Kenneth Dickinson 13-Apr-2019
50008 “Thunderer” working light engine from Carlisle to Knottingley at Garstang & Catterall.71 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 30-Apr-2019
Superpower on the flasks. 68017, 68004, 68003 and 68016 on the evening train from Sellafield to Crewe passing Woodacre.56 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 07-May-2019
47853 piloted Black 5 45231 from Crewe to Carlisle, prior to the 4-6-0 working Carlisle to Carnforth (via Workington) with “The Lakelander” special the following day. The pair of vintage locos are seen passing St. Heliers footbridge.93 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 17-May-2019
70000 BRITANNIA at the front of (135H) THE LAKELANDER running 5 minutes early from Crewe to Carlisle.99 viewsPhoto : Kenneth Dickinson 18-May-2019