Preston Station Gallery

Photos from 2000 to the present day

Most viewed - 11 November 2017
Carleton Crossing Box being dismantled by contractors.587 viewsThe lever frame and instruments had been removed for further use elsewhere.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 21-Nov-2017
All change on the Blackpool line...314 viewsBlackpool North No.2 L&YR signal box during its final evening of operation, 10th November 2017. In the foreground new track has been laid, but not yet connected, for the new Platform 1.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 11-Nov-2017
All change on the Blackpool line...300 viewsCarleton Crossing Box, name board already removed, during its last evening shift – 10th November 2017. The 16 lever LNWR box opened in 1924.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 11-Nov-2017
Electrification work in progress at the Blackpool carriage sidings.295 views
All change on the Blackpool line...289 viewsPoulton No.3 L&YR signal box, seen on its last evening of operation, 10th November 2017 prior to the Preston to Blackpool lines closing for electrification.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 11-Nov-2017
The western approach to Kirkham station, with all the signals removed. 268 viewsThe new third track has been partly laid and on the other side of the bridge a new additional platform is under construction.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 21-Nov-2017
Ten days after the start of the nineteen week closure the Orange Army is hard at work at Blackpool North.257 viewsOnly a single track is in place – used for materials removal. A new, long Platform ½ is being constructed and the old platforms that were in use until recently are being removed.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 21-Nov-2017
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