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60163 Tornado pulls into platform 6 at Preston before taking-on water for its onward trip north218 viewsPhoto : Peter Parnell 2017-09-2055555
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Newly laid tracks at the approach to Blackpool North, alongside the depot sidings. The lorry on the left was carrying new track panels, which were being taken into the station area by a railway crane.337 viewsPhoto: Mark Bartlett 09-Dec-201755555
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All change on the Blackpool line...289 viewsPoulton No.3 L&YR signal box, seen on its last evening of operation, 10th November 2017 prior to the Preston to Blackpool lines closing for electrification.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 11-Nov-2017
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Class 50s 007 and 049 enter Preston Station on "The Caledonian" tour, having taken over from electric traction at Crewe.273 viewsPhoto : Mervyn Williams 07-Oct-201755555
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37403 'Isle of Mull' propelling 2C32 Carlisle to Preston at Bay Horse.226 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 26-Sep-201755555
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68026 at the rear of the BLS "Cat and Dock" special from Stafford on R.S.R .tracks.242 viewsPhoto : Mervyn Williams 16-Jun-2091755555
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66432 on R.S.R. tracks with BLS "Cat and Dock" special from Stafford.232 viewsPhoto : Mervyn Williams 16-Jun-2091755555
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37057 & 37421 on an NR test train from Blackpool to Derby.239 viewsPhoto : Rob Maynard 21-Apr-201755555
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88002 heading back to Carlisle on a second day of loaded test runs between Carlisle New Yard and Crewe Gresty Green. 68025 was providing backup capability as well as some extra load.276 viewsPhoto : Tony Woof 04-Apr-201755555
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lack Five 45212 on test on the Carnforth - Carnforth circle (5M50) approaching Bee Lane bridge at 4.20pm on Friday 3rd. March 2017.310 viewsPhoto : Ken Dickinson 03-Mar-201755555
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156424 brings up the rear of a four car service from Manchester Airport to Blackpool North approaching Poulton on 1st March 2017.313 viewsRecent pre-electrification work includes removal of the Down loop where freight trains for Fleetwood Power Station or the ICI plant at Burn Naze used to wait to access the branch.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 01-Mar-2017
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37254 at Preston in the early hours working 1Q83 14:28 Blackpool North to Derby RTC via a tour of the North West334 viewsPhoto : DM Stuart 28-Jan-201755555
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